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A limited printed edition has been available at the SPIEL.


This 30th edition has beautiful cover art featuring Jubilee with the Yellow Submarine, createded by our Austrian graphic designer Andreas Resch http://www.argfx.at/.

Games Companion Game by Game 2017 is a free download for all!

document-pdf PDF-Edition with 075dpi (65Mb)
document-pdf PDF-Edition with 150dpi (108Mb)

The Games Companion is available as FREE DOWNLOAD worldwide in German and English. In addition, there will be a limited printed edition only available at SPIEL at Essen.

The Companion is very extensive again: 845 games from more than 150 publishers on 112 pages! All games with description of the gameplay and evaluation of the mechanisms!

This editon of GAME BY GAME Games Companion is for your personal use only! Please note our copyright! We invite you to inform your family and your friends about the Games Companion, so that they can download their own copy.

Previous editions
Some previous editions are available in PDF versions for free download, choose the corresponding year in the menu above . Earlier editions are in German only.



30 Years of Games Companion – 40 Years of WIN
According to the register at the Austrian National Library, the first issue of WIN was published on 1. May 1977 – so 2016 is our 40th volume and we should celebrate this with even more good games!

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