Game by Game 2016 will be published on 8th October 2015 at SPIEL in Essen!


This 29th edition has a beautiful cover art featuring Our Gamion and James Rizzi, interpreted by our Austrian graphic designer Andreas Resch

The game world, whose publishers and distributors are currently subject to a serious change, and also the media world of gaming are changing, especially for printed media also; the world has become too small and to fast.

Well, the aforementioned changes, foremost Internet and high postage costs, force us to make major changes, but those changes bring only benefits for our readers. Our Games Companion is now available free of charge and always available. With our database LUDORIUM in the background it has lots of other information about games.

In short:
We publish our Companion only as PDF, as an electronic edition in German and in English language.

Invitation to all publishers and authors
Make this year the games Handbook, request the necessary information directly from Dagmar de Cassan!

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