603 new games by 315 designers from 102 publishers – WIN The Games Journal 475 – Edition Nuremberg 2015

This special issue of WIN with 66 pdf-pages is ready now! And 546 pictures put emphasis on the text and give you 603 reasons to buy yet another game for your collection! There are 603 new games by 315 designers from 102 publishers!

Please assist us in spreading the news so that everybody learns about the new games. Please inform your colleagues, your family, your friends and your acquaintances about this issue of WIN and help us that as many people as possible get to see this plethora of games.

This issue is available as a pdf, soon as an eBook and as a Kindle for download.

So, get the new WIN with all its information. You do needs no password and is free to download! www.gamesjournal.at

Dagmar and Ferdinand de Cassan


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