Games Companion GAME by GAME 2018

GAME by GAME 2018
GAME by GAME 2018

Dear visitors!

The Games Companion GAME by GAME 2018 is now available online. It presents 864 games from more than 151 publishers on 116 pages und will also be released as limited printrun at this year’s SPIEL ’17 in Essen. Its beautifully illustrated cover was done by our Austrian graphic designer Andreas Resch.

This 31st edition is for your personal use only, so please do not share it with third parties or publish it in any form, kind or way. We invite you to inform your family and your friends about the Games Companion, so that they can download their own copy.

Please note our copyright. Thank you!
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Some previous editions are available in PDF versions for free download.

The edition comes in two PDF-sizes: